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A True Devotion to Healing

The human body was designed to work in perfection with a natural ability to heal and adapt to surroundings. The goal is to allow for it to work perfectly.  Amazingly, the body does not need to have anything added to or removed from it to function perfectly!  Unleash your body’s full potential to heal and function properly through Chiropractic!  It is OUR goal to help YOU achieve your health goals.  Your heath is in good hands at Wallpe Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC.


It is recommended that all patients fill out all Intake and Consent Forms and email them to info@wallpechiropractic.com. This will enable for more time spent receiving beneficial care from our team.


In order to provide the most effective care possible, a thorough and efficient history/examination is needed to be performed.  This ultimately will give you the best results from care!

Pediatric Care

Chiropractic works great for kids! In fact, most children who receive Chiropractic care have been shown to have a stronger immune system and require less medication as they progress through every stage of life compared to those who don’t. Click HERE to learn more!

Multiple Offices

In order to make care more accessible to patients in Southeast Indiana we have office locations in Batesville across from the High School and Greensburg at Reclaim Gym.


No imaging is performed at Wallpe Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC, but if clinically indicated, our Chiropractors will order imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc) for a patient.  This imaging can be accomplished at Urgent Care, Decatur County Memorial Hospital, or Margaret Mary Health at the rates they charge.

Wellness Care

What if you don’t have a complaint, illness, or overall problem?  Wellness care is perfect for you! Chiropactic care coupled with proper exercise and diet is a great form of preventative care in order for you to achieve greater health and wellness.

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Transforming healthcare

Learn how to let your body express health the way it was meant to!  Reduce your dependency on drugs and surgery to deal with pain and work to improve your health!

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